May: Moving Onward!

I nearly titled this post “May: We Move Forward!” because I could have emphasized the importance of the punctuation, with the double meaning of “may we move forward,” as opposed to the month of May.

Anyway! It’s going to be something of a short post today, due to it having been my mother’s birthday weekend, and I having spent most of my time toiling away in the garden. (To give you some context: I purchased some of my mother’s favorite coffee, and some of her favorite cake for her birthday. She was happy enough, but dad bought her what she well and truly desired: dirt. He asked her. She said she wanted dirt. Sure enough, there are now 40 bags’ worth of dirt laid out in the downstairs area. Happy birthday, mom.)

I am only now settling down in front of the good ol’ laptop, and I shall soon have to stuff some food in my face, pack, and be back down to the Bay for work tomorrow.

Luckily, as I am a writer, I do still have some thoughts on writing! It is a rare time, indeed, when I have no thoughts on writing. This post is going to be a bit more personal: a reassessment of my goals going forward.

I still want to keep my deadline of July 2nd for pulling out a full second draft, first re-write, of The Thousand-Year Queen. I think, in fact, that I can still do it! I have most of May and all of June still to do it, which is a more than reasonable time frame. It will simply require me doing it.

In order to help get my motivation up, I offered the first three thousand words (aka the prologue) up to some of my followers for reading! A few people have read it since, and I’ve got to say–to those of you who read this blog, who read that snippet I gave to you, thank you so, so much. Your words were endlessly encouraging. There’s nothing like a bit of positive reaction to make a writer want to buckle down and get the job done.

I shall be starting this week. Hold me to it, everyone! I would have started last week had I not also started a new job, which has been taking a serious toll on my energy and wrists. (The upside of transcription work is that it is  a job that pays me to write! The downside is, I have to write, and a lot, and my wrists are feeling the strain of 8-hour writing days.)

So! Long of it short, my tentative goal is to get another 3 chapters re-written. That is a conservative goal, but it should work as a good warm-up to get me back on the habit, let me test the strain on my wrists, give me time to get and break in some wrist braces… and generally ease back into things.

That’s the update! And before I check out for the day, I’m going to answer a question posed to me on my personal-and-fandom blog, which was put to me by a dearheart and darling and sweetheart extraordinaire, Rina:

What pranks would the witches pull on each other?

A moment’s explanation! In this book series I am working on, there are several characters who have the ability to wield magic and to use it to create spells. No matter the gender of these people, or what “kind” of magic they specialize in, they are always called witches.

Some of them live on their own (very commonly, actually!), and others will open their doors and take on little witchling apprentices. Some other witches decide to live grouped together in covens. Some of the most renowned witches on the continent happen to be a coven together, and they make a few notable appearances across the books. This question is, I presume, in reference to them!

I will not go through all of them, but if you want an idea about who some of my characters are:

Mausienne would make gelatin in cups the night before, then give everyone “water” the next day and giggle as they tried to drink and failed. (And, of course, supply everyone with some water afterwards!)

Verdana wouldn’t prank the other witches so much, but whenever they had  guests, she’d make up things like colors of trees, and the way other witches look, and stuff she saw this morning, and let all the other witches giggle as the poor guest tried to figure out if this blind witch is actually blind or not.

Tourmalyn would let the other witches think that, if they ganged up against her, they might stand a chance in winning a snowball fight against her. (Spoiler: with all the other witches of that coven and three soldiers against Tourmalyn, Tourma would still win.)

Gabrielle would create a set of tribble-like creatures that were irresistibly cute, and multiplied as they were given attention or affection. They would all disappear by the end of the day, but not before every room in their home was crawling with them.

And that’s all for today, folks! Next week, I’ll chat you all up on character creation, and how I go about the process of initial conception.

Here’s to the next several weeks of writing, may our projects plow ever-onward. All the best, and here’s to the words!


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