A Brief Interlude

Hello friends!

Today so happens to be a holiday in these parts, and given the hectic pace of life on my end, I am writing to you late, and without much of a subject to write upon. So! In lieu of leaving you with writing advice, or sagely reflections, or other such beautifully-composed thoughts, I shall leave you instead, today, with a few informal writerly emotions I have experienced this week, which you may or may not find familiar:

  • the frustration you experience when grammar requires an adverbial form, but you can only remember/prefer the adjectival form
  • the despair when you’ve been writing for ages, only to realize that you’ve totaled about 50 words since you started
  • the elation when you’ve been writing for a few minutes, and realize that 500 words have happened as easy as a sneeze
  • the relief when you’re writing with  friend
  • the bigger relief when you see your friend struggling to write at least as much as you are
  • the satisfaction when you wrap up a chapter
  • the dread when you have to start the next one
  • the mute fury as you stare at a notebook page, trying to brainstorm for your next chapter, and come up with nothing
  • the itch as you want to write, but are too occupied with a family get-together to get away to write
  • the agony when you finally do get away to write, but are so tired that you have stopped wanting to write and only crave sleep
  • the sweet surrender when you sleep instead of write
  • the pride when a friend sends you snippets of their writing, and it’s fabulous
  • the envy as you realize that your friend is writing and you are sitting on your butt arguing about religion with your uncle
  • the peace that comes with knowing that you are a writer, and no matter what pause you may have at this time, you will write again

Happy holidays if you celebrate today or this weekend, and all the best to you, my lovelies. Here’s to the writing!


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