A look at the New Year.

A bit of perspective, from the year before:

We are three books into what I suspect will be a five-book series. There is a lot to do, still. Book four is currently quite nebulous. I have a basic outline, but only the loosest idea of what the book needs to be, in order to push the series forward. The coming days will see a lot more thought, outlining, and organizing going into the next books of the series.

In the meantime, I am falling back on some knowledge gained from reading Marshall J. Cook’s Freeing Your Creativity. If you find yourself unsure of what to do, it can help to go back to the previous step. In this case, to move forward, I’m going to take three steps back, and re-outline and re-write book one.

I have had the blessing of many dedicated beta readers who have given me loads of suggestions for improvements. I now have, I think, a pretty solid idea of all the ground that needs to be covered, in order to make this book exciting, cohesive, and a good opener for the world.

My goal is to have the book fully re-written by July 1st.

So! Here is to it. A brand new year with more writing to be done. Here’s to it, friends–let’s keep writing, keep creating, and keep plowing forward.


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